What to Do with All Your Leftover Halloween Stuff

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Don’t just stick it all back in storage for a year!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!! I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but here in Central Florida, the Christmas season starts literally hours after Halloween has ended. The candy went 50% off, the pumpkins on Main Street at Disney World were replaced with holiday wreaths overnight, and I felt zero shame about wearing my favorite ugly Christmas sweater to work on November 1st. 

But is it just me, or does leaving all the Halloween relics you’ve accumulated over the past month stranded in the dust seem a bit…wasteful? I mean, there has to be something better to do with it all than to cram it back into storage until next year, right? Right!

If you feel the same way as me, here are some of the best ideas I’ve found from across the web for what to do with all your leftover Halloween stuff!

The Candy

We’ll start with the assumption that you haven’t already completely devoured it all, of course. (If you have, no judgment here!) This part is for anyone who, like me, still has pieces of candy from last year’s Halloween scattered around her apartment “just in case”. 

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1. Basically Frankenstein the crap out of it by melting it all together with chocolate and popcorn for Popcorn Candy Bark

2. Make your candy adult-friendly (21+ only!) with the discovery that apparently, any candy can be infused with vodka

3. Increase your diabetes risk even more by using the candy as ingredients in a rich, Food Network-approved dessert

4. Donate it to somebody who needs it more than you, because at this point, you’re really only eating it because it’s still there. 

The Costumes

Don’t just stuff your costume in the closet until next year! 

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1. Assert your own fandom and pretend it’s Halloween every weekend by dressing up and going to a comic-con!

2. Re-style it for everyday wear (aka win the award for boldest fashion risk-taker alive). 

3. Rent or donate pieces to a local school or community theater!

The Decorations

Your collection of novelty pumpkins isn’t doing any good rotting away in a box all year. 

Photo Credit: Flickr

1. Turn your pumpkin into a serving bowl and make your whole kitchen immediately look Pinterest-worthy. 

2. Make a catapult and, presumably, take all your holiday tension out on launching your pumpkin (away from all other people, buildings, and civilization!). I’m not even kidding. This was on the internet as something people do. I’m cackling. Somebody please do this and send me a video.

3. If you’re really not over Halloween yet, just Christmas-ify the decorations you already have up: put little Santa hats on your fake skeletons and plastic bats, stack pumpkins into “snowmen”, or transfer any hanging decorations right onto your Christmas tree!

What do you think? 

Will you be trying out any of these ideas? Do you miss Halloween already? And how early is too early to start celebrating Christmas? (Don’t answer that one, the answer is obviously “never”.) Let me know in the comments! 

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