Hautelinks: Week of 12/29/16

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This week we have things to do before 2017, tributes to Carrie Fisher; George Michael; and Debbie Reynolds, skincare resolutions for the new year, and more.

We were devastated to hear of Carrie Fisher’s passing this week, and even more devastated to learn of her mother, Debbie Reynolds’ passing the next day. Buzzfeed covers some of the awesome things Carrie said in her effort to erase the stigma surrounding mental illness.

See also: The wit and wisdom of Carrie Fisher in quotes.

From Refinery29, here’s how fans are paying tribute to Carrie and what the loss of Carrie and Debbie means for Hollywood.

We lost another great, too – George Michael. The New Yorker wrote a wonderful tribute to him.

27 Real Ways to Deal With Anxiety, via Glamour. Great list!

Add all of these to your to-dos: 29 Things You’ve Been Putting Off That You Need to Do Online Before 2017.

Why It’s Important to Reflect on Your 2016, from Darling Magazine.

Kinda love and kinda hate this idea (I already know my house!): A bath bomb that sorts you into a Hogwarts house.

The Atlantic lists the best writing advice of 2016.

Man Repeller breaks down the weird things we cared about this year.

30 Girl Power Accessories For Getting Sh*t Done. Slightly NSFW because of language, but great for feminists everywhere.

Video: The best pop culture food of 2016. Did you try any of these?

16 Ways I Simplified My Life in 2016, from Because I’m Addicted. Love this concept and want to try it in 2017.

The 25 Best Movies of 2016, and Where to Watch Them, via Lifehacker.

Also from Lifehacker, here’s how to get free Starbucks drinks for the rest of the year!

One More: The 20 Best Books of 2016, According to 36 “Best Books” Lists.

9 Things in Fashion We’re Looking Forward to in 2017, via Fashionista.

Your Perfect Skincare Resolution for the New Year, customized by your age.

Ooh, classic Disney movies are coming to this streaming service soon!

Dying to try this $1 brush cleanser. Have any of you tested it out?

Forever 21’s new moving picture feature will probably have us buying even MORE clothes than before…

This gross explanation of why you should remove your makeup before bed will help you remember to do it every time.

9 Tech Habits to Ditch in 2017. You planning to say bye to any of these?

Fun: what shoe are you based on your zodiac sign?

Into the Gloss lists their best advice of 2016.

The Ringer did a long list of their favorite pieces of 2016 on a variety of subjects. Great for killing some time!

Simone Biles had an amazing response to body shamers. <3 her!!

This Instagram beauty guru is inspiring more than just makeup looks.

Hot cocoa and marshmallow beauty products?! Take our money.

OMG, these cringeworthy wardrobe malfunction stories make us feel so much better about every embarrassing thing we’ve done.

Beauty products that went viral in 2016, via Seventeen.

Ooh, Target’s new Dwell decor line is #apartmentgoals.

Speaking of apartments, if you have time, why not organize your fridge for the new year?

5 Low-Key Ways to Celebrate NYE, from Advice from a 20-Something.

See also: How to Watch the Ball Drop Live, If You Aren’t in NYC.

Did you get a bunch of unwanted gift cards for Xmas? Here’s how to swap them for things you DO want.

And finally… bunnies, bunnies, bunnies!

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